How to Find Cheap Car Insurance Quotes for Your Specialist Car

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If you have a sports car or high performance car you'll no doubt be aware that your car insurance quotes can be higher than if you owned a standard car. That's because the risk associated with such cars is far higher than with other cars – they are more likely to be driven fast (and so more likely to be involved in accidents and if they are involved in an accident it's more likely to be at high speed and therefore expensive to put right), and they may be more at risk of theft.

There are specialist car insurance companies that will give insurance quotes for specialist cars like yours, whether that is a sports car, high performance car, classic car or imported car, but you can usually find insurance through mainstream providers if you search online through comparison sites. It's important to agree a value for your car with your insurers so that if the worst happens and the insurers want to write off the vehicle because it's uneconomical to repair it, then you'll have a strong case to argue that either the vehicle shouldn't be written off, or that you should get a decent pay out in order to be put in the position you were in before the accident.

You can buy car insurance direct from insurers (though they won't tell you if you could get the same product cheaper from another insurance company, of course!), through a broker or via a comparison website.

If you use a broker, they will do all the legwork for you to find you the best deal (which might not always be the cheapest but you can be sure that it will suit your needs perfectly) but will charge a fee for that service. They may have arrangements with some insurers to offer cut-price car insurance quotes for that company, which may make up for the fee charged.

If you use a comparison site, beware that some such sites are owned by certain insurance firms whilst others give priority to the companies that pay a higher premium to be represented on the site. That said, insurers who advertise through comparison sites are aware that their products will be being directly compared with their competitors' and will aim to give you the cheapest quote they have (note, they may ask for more detailed information such as whether you will be driving with children in your car, in which case the premium will increase from that shown on the comparison site).

If the price of your car insurance quote is a bit hard to swallow, you can take a few steps to reduce the premium without having to trade-in your beloved car. You can try to obtain pay as you go car insurance, which involves a black box being fitted to your car to monitor your driving habits (things like how fast you drive, the time of day you drive and so on). That way, if you own a classic or sports car for the love of it rather than for speed-seeking thrills, you can prove to your insurer that you are not such a high-risk driver after all.

You can also always choose to pay monthly for your insurance (though this will usually involve paying interest or an administrative fee, and if you have to make a claim partway through the year, you'd have to pay the balance due on your policy before your claim could be processed).

Finally, if you own a classic or sports car that is normally kept in the garage for most of the year aside from when you take it out to shows, then you could consider taking out temporary or short-term insurance to cover you for limited periods rather than an annual policy, which will save you a lot of money.



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